Enterprise capability assessment software

Assessity is enterprise assessment software helping businesses and government measure and uplift capabilities using best practice frameworks, tools and resources.

Any sector, any function.

For business directors and managers

Self-assessment against standards, frameworks and maturity models allow businesses to ascertain their level of capability maturity across a wide range of business functions and set-up action plans to improve.

Assessity provides a growing range of self-assessments for directors, managers and consultants to measure business capability against.

For consultants

Understanding a client’s current level of capability maturity in a discreet business function is important in order to provide the right advice and treatment to help them grow.

For consultants, academics, business coaches, mentors, regulatory, government bodies and other industry experts, Assessity provides the platform to create maturity models for assessments to be made against, resulting in clear insights into the business from which to work from.

For government

Assessity is a tool for use by government to assess itself, and it’s a tool for government to use to get insight into the non-government entities it supports.

Understanding strengths and weaknesses within the services provided by and to government presents opportunities to further develop capability, mitgate risk and demonstrate value for money.