The ultimate vision and mission of Assessity is to back every organisation in its pursuit of success, by delivering tools, resources and opportunities that build resilience, inspire innovation and create impact.

A Short History of Assessity

The name Assessity is the synthesis of the words assess and necessity.

To be successful, businesses need to regularly assess their activities to ensure they are operating at optimum performance. What gets measured gets managed.

The Assessity platform is built on the premise that frameworks can provide the foundations for success. In a business context, frameworks for discreet business functions exist in abundance, but aren’t necessarily easy to find, friendly to use or helpful if further assistance is required.

The purpose of the platform is to present requirements frameworks in a way that allow people to assess their organisation’s activities against them, in order to understand their current level of maturity. In addition, users will learn what varying levels of competency look like so that they can adapt their practices according to where they want to sit on the maturity curve.

Assessity was established in 2019 by James Caws, a systems and compliance manager in the Australian public sector and former not-for-profit board member in the health and disability sectors.

About James

James has a varied work history. Across his teenage and adult life he has worked in agriculture, retail, food production, logistics, direct sales, health and disability, property and infrastructure management and most notably internet technology.

In 2004 James graduated from the University of Portsmouth (UK) with first class honours in Internet Technology. Following university, he worked as a web developer in London before emigrating to Australia in 2007. Down Under he worked solo for three years, dabbled in the public sector and designed web solutions. In 2013 he moved into a State government corporation full-time to work in transport infrastructure and property asset management.

Outside of his day job, from 2015 to 2020 James served on the board of Better Hearing Australia Victoria, forming part of the team that ultimately saw the organisation mature into a national company limited by guarantee and re-brand as Soundfair Australia.

The confluence of his professional experiences led James to realise that success can be codified and through the internet, it can be democratised and shared for others to leverage.