Media focus on government, big business cyber breaches masks risk to small business

News of several major entities hit by cyber security incidents broke last week. Victims included:

  • Australia National University
  • The Victorian Health Service
  • Demant (One of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturers)

Media attention generally focuses on the businesses and organisations that readers know well, typically household names, brands and the public sector. The problem with this is that it can create the perception that cyber security is an issue for big business and government only.

The reality is that it doesn’t matter what size an organisation is, computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks and data are all fundamentally the same. This means that regardless of organisation size, the underlying techniques required to gain unauthorised access are the same.

65% of Australian businesses were interrupted due to a security breach in the past year according to the 2019 Telstra Security Report. Putting that into perspective, that’s more than three out of every five businesses you have interacted with in the past year. In the same report, 89% of respondents said they had breaches go undetected. With statistics like those, there’s a good chance your business has been impacted, and you may not know it.

Whether your business is a charity, NGO, not-for-profit, small business, large multinational or government entity, cyber security matters.

To not deal with it could effectively spell the end of your organisation.

As part of Cyber Security Awareness Month and Australian Cyber Security Awareness Week (7-11 October 2019), Assessity will be posting a range of information on its blog and LinkedIn page to help businesses understand the risks and consequences of immature cyber security defences and what can be done to uplift capability. Be sure to follow the hashtags #CSAM, #AUCyberWeek2019 and #Cybersecurity on your favourite social channels too.

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