Digital Transformation: Start with a baseline maturity assessment

A transformation of any type requires a plan. The plan should detail how an entity will reach a to-be state and the to-be state needs to be defined. To set a to-be state, the current as-is state needs to be understood to avoid over or underestimating the effort required.

Performing a digital maturity assessment facilitates the transformation process by providing:

  • insight into what maturity of a higher order looks like.
  • the mechanism to determine the as-is state; and
  • an appreciation of the effort required to close the gap.

A baseline maturity assessment legitimises a plan and gives executives and boards confidence to make decisions.

Digital transformation is not just an upgrade of technology or the replacement of a manual process with a piece of equipment. Digital transformation is a process that also needs planning, funding, management and, perhaps most importantly, healthy inclusion of people.

The Assessity platform hosts a concise Digital Maturity Model originally released by the South Australia Government. The maturity model consists of five pillars, with each pillar rateable on a maturity scale of one (Minimal) to five (Transformed).

The pillars are:

  • Governance and Leadership
  • People and Culture
  • Capability and Capability
  • Innovation
  • Technology

The time required to perform a maturity self-assessment against the Digital Maturity Model will vary depending on the complexity of the organisation and the level of detail to which it wants to go.

As with all maturity assessments performed using the Assessity platform, users can set target maturity ratings, enter general comments, and provide details of evidence that substantiates selected ratings. Finalised assessments are exportable in a formatted PDF document, which is useful for archiving, distributing and attaching to management reports.

Visit to sign-up and login to perform a maturity assessment.

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