Innovation Maturity Model

Where is your organisation at on the maturity scale of innovation capability? What systems, processes and tools do you have in place to facilitate innovation, and are they all underpinned by a healthy culture of innovation?

These are key questions that leaders of public and private entities need to know the answers to if their organisations are to stand a fighting chance of prospering into the future.

Available on the Assessity platform, the Innovation Maturity Model aims to help leaders answer the above questions and identify the gaps that need closing.

Originally developed by SPUR powered by Landgate (Landgate is the business name of the Western Australian Land Information Authority), the Innovation Maturity Model has been mapped into the Assessity platform to allow users to self-assess their organisation’s innovation capability maturity.

The Innovation Maturity Model is made up of 11 key elements. A simple six-point maturity scale that ranges from “Level 1 – Innovation Deficient” to “Level 6 – Continuous Innovation” serves two purposes. Firstly, it guides users to identify their current state of maturity; secondly it describes the necessary requirements that define any given level of maturity. This enables users to undertake a gap assessment and develop an appropriate improvement plan.

To access the Innovation Maturity Model and perform an assessment, visit and login. It only takes a minute to sign-up and activate you account if you don’t already have one.

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