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New service: Results presentation through interactive dashboard reports

The ability to comprehensively report maturity assessment outcomes has been central to the Assessity platform from day one. From today interactive dashboards are now also part of the mix.

Standard reporting is presented as soon as an assessment has been finalised. Graphs display submitted ratings, target ratings and average ratings. These are displayed in conjunction with tabular data, providing a comprehensive view of assessment inputs. Sharing findings and creating a permanent record of an assessment is available as standard through PDF export.

From today, utilising Google Data Studio, users can apply to have their accounts linked to dashboards that present data in ways tailored to suit their needs. If data is being collected through the Assessity platform, presenting it on a dashboard can be done.

For individuals, the ability to interact with collected data, generate a report and download in PDF format can be done on a per assessment basis. It is also possible to download assessment data in Excel / CSV format to create a permanent record of the raw data.

For consultants, organisations and government entities that own frameworks or have an interest in viewing aggregated data from multiple assessment responses, dashboards are the perfect solution for:

  • Viewing average ratings across multiple organisations
  • Understanding how long it takes users, on average, to complete assessments
  • Drilling-down to specific users’ assessments to review the detail of submissions
  • Comparing the ratings of two assessments to visualise relative improvement or regression

The following sample dashboard demonstrates some of the insights that can be obtained from an interactive dashboard. Click here to view on a mobile.

If you would like dashboard capability linked to your account, please make contact for a no obligation chat.

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