The Government Framework Alignment Assessment Tool

Assessity is a tool for use by government to assess itself, and it’s a tool for government to use to get insight into the non-government entities it supports.

Government entities produce standards and requirements frameworks that it requires itself and other entities to conform to and report against.

Understanding strengths and weaknesses within the services provided by and to government presents opportunities to further develop capability as well as opportunities to demonstrate value for money.

Assessity is a platform that helps minimise the impacts of conducting assessments and maximises the up-side by realising value from the process beyond just reporting.

No software required – access and complete from anywhere

Assessity is provided as software as a service (SaaS) meaning there’s no special software required to be installed, you simply access it via your web browser on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device.

Why government should use Assessity

Opportunities for government:

  • Standardisation of assessments (no more spread sheets!), leading to aligned datasets that create unlimited possibilities
  • Visibility and aggregation of assessment results across multiple entities, allowing for bench-marking and performance table generation
  • Improved opportunities for cross-agency information and knowledge sharing