Innovation maturity tool

Benchmark your organisation's innovation maturity

Establish where you are and work out where you want to be

This 11-element survey can be completed within an hour and gives you and your organisation clear insight into your current innovation capability maturity. Use it to record today’s maturity as a benchmark for reference in future.

A free, guided maturity self-assessment consisting of the following 11 elements:

– Culture
– Leadership
– People
– Processes
– Tools & Techniques
– Training
– Facilities
– Idea Capture
– Idea Management
– Strategic Planning
– Metrics

For each element, a six-point maturity scale presents easy to understand definitions against which you compare and record your capability.

Set aspirational targets to work towards between assessments.

Enter details of activities you perform to create a record that supports your assessed capability rating and gives leadership assurance.

Record details of areas for improvement to use as the basis for future capability uplift activities.

Finalise your assessment to download a free PDF report containing your assessment results and commentary, with graphical representation of your self-assessed ratings for maximum impact.

– Create a permanent record of today’s level of capability maturity for benchmarking against in future
– Record areas of strength and opportunities for improvement
– Develop a forward-program of activities to level-up areas of weakness
– Gain a clear and reliable picture of current quality of capability
– Provide your board and leadership team with the insight and assurance they need into current capability

– Relevant, easy to understand, 11 element maturity model
– Flexibility to add as much or as little evidence to support assessment as needed
– Flagging, for easy identification of discussion points
– Target setting
– PDF report, with graphs
– 256-bit SSL transmission encryption