How To: Edit My Profile

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Step 1: Sign in to the Assessity platform.

Step 2: Click on the user icon at the top right of the screen and select Edit Profile. Assessity uses Gravatar to present user profile pictures, so look out for yours, otherwise you will see the default “Anonymous person” icon.

Step 3: The Edit Profile form will be presented. Make changes as required and don’t forget to click the Save Changes button when done.

Change your password

The option to change your password can be found at the bottom of the Edit Profile page labelled Click here to change your password. A pop-up modal will be presented for you to enter your old password, followed by your new password. To save your new password, click Change Password when done.

Change your profile picture

Assessity uses the Gravatar system to host user profile pictures.

To be taken to Gravatar, click the pencil icon presented next to the profile picture on the Edit Profile page. Alternatively visit Gravatar directly at

Register or login at Gravatar, upload a profile picture and associate it with the same email address as you use to sign in to Assessity with.

Changes made to your Gravatar can sometimes take a few hours to take affect.

Important Note: Changes you make to your profile picture on the Gravatar site associated with the email address you use to sign in to Assessity will result in the profile picture on Assessity changing, whether or not you access Gravatar via Assessity or not.

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