How To: Start a New Assessment

Browse the Assessments Catalogue to find the assessment you want to do. Beneath each assessment’s title image and from within the Read More section of each assessment there is a Start New Assessment button. The assessment set-up page is accessed by clicking the Start New Assessment button.

The initial set-up page requires a few pieces of information before leading you through to the full list of requirements.

Assessment Title (required): Enter a title that will help you distinguish your assessment from other assessments that you perform. Inclusion of the date or period that the assessment covers or words that describe the type of assessment can be useful. For example Information Management Maturity Measurement – Baseline – 2019-06.

Assessment Description (required): Describe for yourself and others who may review the assessment later what the assessment will cover. If you are assessing on behalf of a discrete business unit, name it. If you are assessing on behalf of the entire organisation, state that. Providing context will help set the scene for future reviewers. It can be useful to include the names of people involved in the assessment and to explicitly state any special circumstances or exclusions.

Period Assessed: Select the start and end dates if the assessment relates to a specific period of time, for example a financial year or specific quarter. If the assessment relates only to a specific moment in time, you can select to ignore the end date by checking End date N/A. If no dates are applicable for your assessment, check the Period assessed not applicable option.

To move on to the assessment, click the Save button once all the fields have been completed.

The information entered on the set-up page can be edited later on, prior to finalisation of the assessment.

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